Future Authors and Topics

We are looking for authors to contribute to this blog on these general questions:

Does every being have inherent worth and dignity?

If not, then how does this impact human behavior and thought?

If so, then how does this impact human behavior and thought?

Specifically the kinds of articles we are soliciting include:

1. Sermons
2. Reasoned thought (ethics, philosophy, theology)
3. Stories on personal experiences where you have witnessed inherent worth and dignity
4. How inherent worth and dignity of all being impacts congregations, and your religious and spiritual life.

We encourage a wide variety of views.  We ask all authors to be as concise as possible, and be open to editorial comments and suggestions.

If you have a specific issue or topic you would like addressed, or if you are interested in providing an article, please contact Rev. LoraKim Joyner through the contact form to the right.

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